Transferring from One SEVIS Approved School to Another

Simply transferring academically from one school to another does not transfer a student’s F-1 Visa status and SEVIS record.    The student must follow instructions received from the International Student Affairs Coordinator in order to complete the transfer process of his/her SEVIS record. 


A student who is maintaining F-1 status may transfer from one DHS-approved school to another by following the transfer procedures below:


  • Transferring to Bethel University- Students transferring to Bethel University should contact the International Student Advisor at the transfer out school to request a transfer of his/her SEVIS record to Bethel, and the student should complete any forms required by the transfer out school in order for the transfer out school to release the student’s SEVIS record to Bethel.  The student should not have his/her SEVIS record released to Bethel until the student has been accepted for admission. 


The student should also contact Jane Campbell, the International Student Affairs Coordinator at Bethel, and complete the Transfer-In Request Form which will be forwarded to the student upon request.  The student will complete the top portion of the Transfer-In Request Form and forward the form to the International Student Advisor at the transfer out school for completion. 


The International Student Advisor at each school will need the contact information of the International Student Advisor at the other school.


  • Transferring to Another College/University -  In the U.S. students transferring to another school should contact the International Student Affairs Coordinator at Bethel University and complete the Transfer Out Request Form indicating the name and address of the school to which he/she will be transferring and the date for the release of the SEVIS to the other school. Bethel University must receive a letter of acceptance from the school to which you plan to transfer before your SEVIS record can be released. 

You must choose only one school to which you wish your SEVIS record to be transferred.  Although you may apply to more than one school, the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) only allows your SEVIS record to be released to one school.

After determining the school you will be attending, you must choose the date when your SEVIS record should be released to the transfer college/university.  Please note our office will NOT have access to your SEVIS record after the release date.  If you wish to cancel the transfer and/or change the transfer school, you must do so before the noted release date.  The release date can be no later than five (5) months after completion of studies at Bethel University.  If you need help determining the best release date, please consult with your International Student Affairs Coordinator.           

To complete the transfer process, you must report to the International Student Adviser at the new school within 15 days of the new program start date listed on your SEVIS I-20 form.